The Degree Coach provides talks to schools to increase aspirations and motivation, and to equip school leavers to thrive at university.

Aspirations and motivation

Careers talks have been proven to directly increase motivation and educational attainment of pupils, which can improve overall school rankings.

University Preparation Masterclasses

Securing pupils places at top universities is the ultimate aim of many schools and sixth form colleges, and represents the culmination of a decade of teaching and conscientious study.

But after the support, guidance, encouragement and accountability provided by schools and colleges, students can find settling into university life overwhelming and can fail to thrive, just as it matters most. 

Many students spend the first year finding their feet, and without the right counsel and direction even those who adapt more quickly to the demands of independent living and study can fail to fulfil their full potential as they seek to acclimatise and struggle to decide how to focus their energy and time across all of the available opportunities.

The Degree Coach provides a range of masterclasses to engage students in their learning journey, raise aspirations, build self-awareness, encourage early career exploration, found good decisions about higher education, and instil the skills and tools needed to thrive at university.

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